Monday, October 19, 2015

Hi! I'm sorry for not blogging for more than a week. School has been super tiring and it's stressing and draining me out. I feeeel so emotionally and physically exhausted just thinking of the activities we did. To be honest, I already saved a draft that should've been posted on Thursday but decided not to blog it because it was blog post full of mehhhhhh. I promise to post more frequently these following days!

There's a super typhoon right now in the Philippines and it's really scary because of its strong wind. Electricity has been in and out since Saturday midnight so it was really hard for me to update you all. Thankfully, though, our province is now just Signal no. 1.

Earlier this morning, the rain stopped pouring and my mom and I went to the city to finish some appointments. We also went to SM and she bought me a few things which made me so ecstatic. Lol. Perks of being her PA for the day. Tomorrow, we'll be going back to SM to check if there's a 50mm lens available in the camera store (yay!).

As you can see (if it's not obvious enough), I c hanged my theme into Mary Kate by Angie Makes. Remember my old post when I was desperately looking for a pre-made theme to buy?  Well I found one and it's free! (But she does have a premium one that costs around 70$ I think?) Anyway, I really like the features of this theme. The one thing that I want to change is the size of the fonts. I think they're too big. Lol. But all in all, I love it and I'm going to use this until I buy myself a custom made one.

Also, very recently, I started watching Scream Queens mainly bec I was intrigued and bec Emma Roberts is there. Also Ari and Nick and Lea. Soooooooo, although this tv series creeps me out I think it's really gooood. It's funny and I love what the Chanels wear. Lol.

What are you up to recently? :)

now watching: Scream Queens S01E05

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  1. Ah, never feel sorry for not posting due to school. I think we've all been there where we're just too exhausted to even turn on the computer.

    I really like this theme, it's so much brighter than before >_< and be safe! I hear the typhoon is pretty bad in some areas already.

  2. Life is bust. Life is unexpected. Don't you worry girl! Your readers still love you and look forward to your posts!
    xo, Shell

  3. I love your new theme! :3

    The typhoon sounds scary, stay safe please!

    Scream Queens is SO funny lol. I love it, but it's kinda cheesy sometimes lol. Lots of twists & turns though! I can't wait for the next episode! Always leaves a cliff hanger lol.

  4. Yaay, I'm so glad I've found you're blog, time to binge on all you're content! Already loving it ♥

  5. Awe. Thanks Trishna! So excited to read your future posts x


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