gray ribbed top + bandage skirt

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ribbed top  ― Online shop (similar, similar) / Bandage skirt  ― H&M (similar) / Ballet flats ― Solemates / Suede bag ― Parisian

Ribbed tops are the b.o.m.b. I actually have three of them in different colors (black, gray and white). I find them cute and so comfy to wear. I even wear them to sleep (hihi because I could not take them off). I usually wear this kind of top with joni jeans or bandage skirts or even A-line skirts. For this outfit, I partnered my gray ribbed top with my H&M bandage skirt that i snagged from a local thrift store for only 100 php!!! It is definitely 100% a steal! To be honest, I'm not really into wearing skin-tight clothes (especially skirts) because I get too conscious but this skirt really gives me confidence and comfort at the same time! Thank God I found this skirt before someone else did because that would've been a bummer. lol

We still don't have an internet connection at home right now and I'm still using my hotspot to connect. I did buy a lot of artsy and organizing stuff last week so I will probably post a mini haul or just feature some of the things I bought in my future posts. We'll see.

Do you own any ribbed top? What's your take on these kind of tops?

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  1. Pencil skirts = staple clothing. Perfect for days with flat tummys!

  2. So true! It makes an outfit look sophisticated x ♥


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