Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's been like 4 months since I last posted here and I feel really excited to finally blog again. The reason why I wasn't around for the past few months is because my domain expired and I just had it renewed yesterday. Owning your own domain is really costly, to be honest, but it's kinda worth it.

Life's been pretty good lately. I can say that I've finally adjusted with my routine now. I mean, I haven't fully but there's progress so that's a good thing, ayt? Anyway, I feel like November is passing by so fast. I'm really excited for December!!!! Not just because of the holiday but because I'm turning 21 next month. Lol. My boyfriend and I are planning to go to Skyranch Pampanga a day before my birthday since it landed on a Sunday. We haven't been there since Dec. 24 last year and I feel giddy because the last time we went there was in broad daylight and now we're planning to visit around evening. I already bought 2 vouchers from MetroDeal for a Ride-All-You-Can pass. I was really thankful that my co-worker told me there's a thing such as that. Of course, I immediately purchased two when I was told it was only for 280 pesos/voucher for a Ride-All-You-Can pass. What a steal!!!!

I also just got the news yesterday that Coldplay's coming to Manila next year. I can't say I'm a fangirl but I love their music and I do enjoy their songs. My friend and I really wanna go to the concert next year but the ticket's soooo expensive.
//sobsSo we're kind of planning to just buy the GenAd ticket which is around 1,800 php. Buying that ticket will surely hurt my savings (if I still have something left by then bec my birthday's just in a matter of weeks) but not going to the concert will 101% surely hurt my feelings. Hopefully, they won't run out of tickets when we decide to buy but I'm really nervous because I kinda have a hunch that it'll sold out in just a few hours after they announce the ticket's already on sale. OH GOOD LORD PLEASE HELP USSSSSSS.

I'll be posting again really soon!! Let me just fix my sched this semester and organize my time so I can juggle all my extra curricular activities. Lmao. I guess that's all for now; I just wanted to update you that I'm alive. I'm still breathing, you guys. Okay, bye.

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  1. Haha, I was checking your blog last week and it was denied, ahaha.. so that explains it.. welcome back Bethany! :D

  2. Advance happy birthday!! Were you able to score Coldplay tickets?

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  3. Advance happy birthday, Bee! I hope you'll get that ticket. I have a friend of mine who wanted to buy the silver ticket but the seller only offered him the gold because the silver was already bought. Then when my friend decided to buy the gold ticket, the seller told him that someone already bought the ticket and offered him the VIP. I still don't have any news about my friend who's also a schoolmate of mine if he was already able to buy the VIP or simply a ticket to see the concert. Hahaha! :D Damn, that friend of mine is indeed a rich kid. I think he only depended on his own money. Although, there might be a possibility that he'd ask help from his dad who's supportive to his kid to see that concert on VIP. :D


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