Wednesday, December 21, 2016 Zambales, Philippines

SUPER DELAYED POST, Y'ALL. Last November 29, my co-teachers and I went on a roadtrip straight after class. I wasn't really planning to join because I was trying to budget my money (bec it's almost Christmas & also my birth month) but with just a little persuasion, I agreed to go. I was having a rough week that time, and I thought maybe I could hurt my salary for just a tad bit to have a stress-free mini vacay. And so I did.

Well, anyway, we left at around six in the evening and stopped at Harbor point in Subic at 9pm (or so) to have dinner. It was really tiring tbh but well, anything to take my mind off of my probz, ayt? I wasn't sure what time we arrived at the resort but I can tell you that what happened was EPIC. Yup, E-P-I-C F-A-I-L-U-R-E. We didn't book a reservation because we thought there'd be tents available for rent but there wasn't!!! We were really hoping to get at least two tents because camping by the beach was one of the resort's famous attractions. We were so disappointed that time because imagine traveling all the way from Tarlac to Zambales right after class then upon arriving you'll be welcomed with bad news. Epic, right? Anyway, we tried to get rooms from nearby resorts but the prices were expensive and I'm not even exaggerating. If this ever happens to you, I suggest you go to Glorial Lodge and rent a room there. I'm telling you it's really cheap!! We slept there for the night and just paid 700php* all in all (8 people in one room). Or better yet, make a reservation for a hassle-free vacation!!

The next morning, we left at around 5:30am to supposedly watch the sunrise but it was yet another epic fail because the we weren't able to watch it. By the time I woke up, the sun was already halfway up (and also, it rises on the other side and not on the side of the beach so it was impossible to watch the sunrise there.) When we got there, we paid for 295php* each (*not sure of the price) for entrance.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed with semi-wet grayish sand. I was seriously expecting white sand because of the photos online. I was a bit disappointed because maybe I was expecting a lot more. Anyway, if you ever visit there someday, make sure you experience camping because I bet the experience is 100x a lot better. I heard there's also a party and bonfire by the beach. Those were the stuff we missed. Huhuhu.

At noon, the view looks a lot better because the sand turns into a bit lighter (it actually looks like white sand but a shade darker lol what am i saying). We left Zambales at around 2 o'clock and went to Pampanga. We did a little shopping and arrived home at 10pm. THE TRIP WAS EXHAUSTING!!!!! But, it was worth it because I love being in places I've never been before. Before the year ends, I want to have one more adventure. Kinda like YEAR END ADVENTURE lol. I'll update you real soon! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Trips can be exhausting. I've never really had the chance to travel much, but I eventually hope to change that. I have a weekend trip planned in the new year so I'm excited.
    I'm glad that even with the bumps, you still enjoyed the trip. I hope your end-of-year trip goes well and that you have a great time. :)


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