if there's no tomorrow by jennifer armentrout — a book review

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I am back with a book review! Recently, I forced myself to read a book because I wanted to be productive. Haha! Soooo, I rummaged through my collection of books and found this one which I haven't read before. I kind of have this habit of buying books and then place them somewhere in my room and totally forget about it. This book was purchased when I was in NBS Baguio last month. I was searching for books to buy because there was a huge sale (60 to 80 percent off) and then this one caught my eye. I actually couldn't believe it was on sale because duh it's J.Lynn!! So of course, I immediately grabbed ahold of it and went straight to the cashier.


My oh my, Jennifer Armentrout did it again with this book. She has always been one of my favorite authors. I've read her Covenant series, also some of her books from the Lux series, and of course my favorite book of hers which is Wait for You. I've read it multiple times and I still cannot get over it. I loved it that much.

Truthfully, I was hesitant to read If There's No Tomorrow at first. I know we should never judge a book by its cover (or its goodreads rating lol) and even though it has a 4-star rating in goodreads, some of its reviews are not-so-good. I was afraid I would be disappointed. But no. This book did not disappoint!

"What does waiting do? None of us are promised a tomorrow. We learned that, didn't we? We don't always get a later."

Lena Wise is just a normal girl about to enter her senior year in high school. Like all normal seniors, she's concerned about her future and how she could get into her chosen college. Also, she's concerned about her growing feelings for her boy best friend, Sebastian, who lives next door. Sebastian is giving her mixed signals and now she's confused. All of a sudden, her life changed when she made a choice. A choice that altered her life forever.

This is a book about love, but more than that it's also about many important things. There are many themes in this book but some of them are forgiveness and acceptance.

"But we don't always make the right choices. Not even when you're an adult and you're supposed to know better."

This book made me feel so many things. It was heavy and heartwarming at the same time. Sometimes, I get so frustrated at the characters but overall, I understood where they were coming from. This story will make you contemplate about many things in life. It will make you question your decisions no matter how big or small they may be.

My rating: ☆ (4 ½ stars)
Would you recommend it? Yes, definitely.

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. all opinions are my own.

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  1. I've been hearing about this author for years but am yet to pick up any of her stuff! This one sounds like a good one :) thanks for sharing.


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