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Friday, January 31, 2020

I finally imported some of my posts from my old domain so I'm trying to update them and publish them here again eventually. I feel like I haven't posted any fashion-related content on my blog for so long so I decided to do one.

I want to start a new sub-category on my fashion content here on the blog so this would be the first entry for my "I Thrifted This" category. This was supposed to be in my second thrift lookbook on my youtube channel but I'm still not finished filming the whole thing so I'll just share it here with you. If you want to watch my first thrift lookbook here it is.

Recently, I've been loving the color of lavender. If my future job/work would permit me, I would really love to have a lavender-colored hair later this year! Anyway, I extremely love this top I bought from a thrift store. It's in great condition and I scored this for just 45 php! What I really like about it is its neckline and also the fact that it is a cropped top.

I've been getting a lot of compliments on these pants that I'm wearing because it kind of looks like a cargo pants which is quite trendy nowadays. I paired the outfit with my old rose-colored Vans for a comfy look. I would love to wear this on the streets of Seoul on a Spring/Summer day!

I bought three tote bags when I was in Japan and this is one of them. I. AM. OBSESSED. This one only costs around 300 yen which is roughly around 150 php!

I actually don't know what my style is, it usually varies depending on my mood on that day. This one is just a casual and comfy look, nothing over the top. I realized that maybe I should make a fashion inspiration or mood board entry soon because that would really be fun!

What are your favorite fashion pieces recently? Who is your fave icon/fashion blogger/celeb?

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