relationship status: m.u (mutual understanding)

Friday, February 14, 2020

I remember a few years ago (maybe a year or two), a friend of mine asked me something along these lines, "Paano n'yo nasurvive ni Hulyan yung MU stage? May times ba na your are unsure of the things between you two, your relationship got complicated and you have so many questions?"

Actually, at first I was taken aback dahil hindi ko naman pinagiisipan or never pa sumagi yun sa isip ko. Pero realizing that, ang hirap din kasi mapunta dun sa stage na parang kayo pero hindi or yung walang label. Kasi, most of the time, sa mga students or young adults ngayon hanggang doon lang nauuwi ang relationship or minsan nauuwi pa sa iyakan.

mutual understanding

M.U or what we call Mutual Understanding is a stage wherein a girl and a guy have feelings for each other (in fact, they know they have feelings for each other) but aren't together. So the question now is, why aren't they together?

From 2014-2016, he and I never really defined the relationship kasi wala naman talaga. I mentioned in my last love-related post "the art of waiting" that I waited for a long time before really getting involved in a relationship. In those two years, though, we took our time to get to know each other. So it was like courtship stage parin but we know our feelings for each other. We were still studying and we know na bawal muna magchange ng status to "in a relationship" bago grumaduate ng college. And so our MU journey began. To be honest, it was really hard and we rarely went out on dates. He has a principle kasi na kapag gagastusan nya ako like sa date or food or material na bagay, dapat galing sa sarili nyang pera and I was thankful for that, because it just shows how sincere he is.

There are many reasons why most people choose to stay in the MU stage rather than diving fully into the relationship. One of which might be because they want to be friends first or they want to test it out if they really are a fit. Or probably, they are just afraid of commitments. Whatever those reasons may be, having a mutual understanding with someone is undeniably really complicated.

There were times na the circumstances are difficult to handle because of our situation but those were just problems. There are a hundred reasons to give up but if you like the person talaga and if you know that he or she is the real deal, then it's worth the fight.

dating to marry

Sis or bro (yes, ikaw! ..kung sino ka man..) it's okay if nandyan kayo ngayon sa stage na yan. If you're waiting for the right time, or siguro hindi pa talaga pwede. JUST MAKE SURE.. that your relationship with the person will not just end in the MU stage. Yung Godly principle parin dapat na we should DATE to MARRY. Never date just to have fun kasi you are investing your time, money and effort with someone.

So, going back to the answer I gave my friend, I told her, "I guess, the thing is, we both had a clear idea of what we want our end goal to be. Nag-work out yung sa amin kasi we want it to work out and we had a strong foundation. We hold on to Godly principles and we pray for each other."

If you are reading this because you are in this stage of your relationship or you are confused, why don't we take this moment to pray?

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the love that You have given me. It is because of this love that I am able to share it with other people. Lord, I know that You know the situation of my heart right now and I pray that You rule over me. Guide me and show me the right way. In every decision I make, I pray that it is Your will that prevails.


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